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: Suppose there is a set of variables whose individual values are probably different, and may be anything larger than zero. If there is a group of radioisotopes whose eventual decay is not predictable on the individual level, I do not understand how a decay constant is measurable. This question is asked with the intention of understanding basically the decay constant of radiometric dating (although I know the above is not an entirely accurate representation).The vast majority is created by bombarding atmospheric nitrogen with high-energy neutrons from the Sun, which in turn varies slightly in intensity over time.More recently, the nuclear tests in the 50’s caused a brief spike in carbon-14 production.So a deviation of 1% is 20,000 standard deviations, which translates to a chance of less than 1 in 10.

If you roll two dice, however, already the probabilities are starting to bunch up around the average, 7.

If fact, for very large numbers of coins, atoms, whatever, you’ll find that the probability that the system deviates from the average by particular amount becomes vanishingly small.

For example, if you roll one die, there’s an even chance that you’ll roll any number between 1 and 6.

If you had a bucket of coins and you threw them up in the air, it would be strange if they all came down heads.

Most people would be weirded out if 75% heads of the coins came down heads.

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This intuition has been taken by mathematicians and carried to its more difficult to understand, and convoluted, but logical extreme.

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