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She dances around erotically for a while longer before slipping out of her bra, exposing her wonderful firm breasts.This is a very, very sexy scene, and Shannon is just magnificent. Shannon Elizabeth asks Jason Biggs if he help her study. She tells him she will need to get changed at his house after ballet.

The commercials were clearly intended to fool the public into thinking she is nude to increase ticket sales; if you checked here before going to see the movie, then you are one of the smart ones.As another reviewer mentioned, there are several deleted scenes on the DVD version of this movie. She went to Biggs places to study after her ballet class. He set up the web cam and broadcasting it to his friends. Shannon starts to go through his stuff and finds the playboy. His friends convince him to film her getting changed. She goes onto the bed and finds a porno in Jason Biggs' draw. Jason Biggs decides to go over and "give her a hand". She finally removes her panties in front of him but we don't get to see her privates. Its a perfect excuse to show her privates but the movie makers decided not to. It's nice that there is at least some good nudity in this movie.One of them is of Shannon and her boyfriend shopping. just a warning: to those have previously seen "american pie" and hoped to see the amply-endowed shannon elizabeth stripping, understand that this movie was made prior to her breast surgery. He intended to make it so that only he and his friends could watch at one of their houses on the internet but somehow he addresses it wrong and everyone on the server can view it. In fact it saves "American Pie" from being just another dumb sex comedy in a long list.Clad in tight balck leather going for the secret agent look.She takes off her gloves the unzips he leather outfit.

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Here we are treated to a couple more nice, but short, shots of her breasts.

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