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This site offers tools for checking out your HTML, XML, DTD-Schema, RSS and Google Sitemaps.Each tool provides numerous options so that you can set it to best suit your The W3C also offer a CSS validation tool, which will also check your markup for any potential errors and warnings.

An essential tool in just about every designer’s arsenal of tools, Firebug has become so commonplace that it has even begun getting its own extensions (such as Site Point’s own Code Burner reference tool).

HTML Validator: Based on Tidy and Open SP, HTML Validator gives you an easy icon notification of the validity of any page you are visiting.

You can request more information from the tool, and when you view Page Source, errors causing the page to be invalid are highlighted.

One of the tricks to fixing errors like this is to validate your markup and style sheets first.

Luckily, there are numerous free tools out there to check whether your HTML, CSS and even your RSS feeds are valid.

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RSS Validator: RSS Validator allows you to easily check the validity of an RSS feed by using the right-click context menu or by making the choice from the tools menu.

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