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Similarly when you get a local time the UTC time is converted to local time.

The rule is that the Date object always stores the UTC time and conversions to and from local time are performed unless you use the UTC methods.

There are four variations on the way the constructor can be called: isn't the first of January but of February.

Notice that you really do need to think about the Date object as storing the number of milliseconds from the fixed date rather than as storing a date and a time in some other format. There are lots of methods that will use the value of a Date object to return other information in other data formats.

It restricts the number of millisecond ticks to be in the range plus or minus: 8,640,000,000,000,000 which gives you a date range of plus or minus 100,000,000,000,000 days.

“We chose a speed dating format to absolutely guarantee interaction between artists and scientists,” Phillips said.

You can discover the local time offset using the get Timezone Offset function which returns the time-zone offset in minutes for the current locale.

When the first of my 14 dates sat down across from me, my stomach turned a bit. Lisa Phillips, co-director of Positive Feedback, sees connections in the processes artists and scientists go through as well.

It also has some additional methods which behave like static or class methods.

In Java Script it is the general rule that additional methods of the constructor function object behave like class methods.

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