Rasheed wallace intimidating ref

NBA, NFL, college, MLB, I’m a sucker for those thick annual issues that I’ll pore through in a couple of sittings before the season, then rarely open during the season.

(Speaking of, keep an eye out for Dime #53, our NBA/college/high school preview issue.) Every few years, one of the preview mags will do a feature where they create the “perfect” player for their sport, Dr. You’ve seen it before: e.g., Chris Paul‘s eyes (for passing), Barbosa‘s legs (for speed), Ray Allen‘s arms (for shooting), Duncan‘s feet (for fundamentals), and so on. Which parts would form together to make up the most annoying NBA player ever?

Shaquille O'Neal and Rasheed Wallace have some experience doing just that.

The verdict: Boston 95, Cleveland 89 in front of a sellout crowd of 20,562 Tuesday at Quicken Loans Arena.* Kendrick Perkins’ face — What are you so mad about?I understand the whole thing with having your game-face and trying to look intimidating, and I know you’ve been hanging with KG lately, but there’s a point when you go overboard and it borders on comical.I used to think the spot was overrated, but watching Spurs/Bulls last week … Remember when the NHL had the glowing puck on TV to help novice hockey fans keep up with the game? (Runner-up votes for Brian Skinner, Birdman, and Rasheed Wallace.) * Dwight Howard’s build — In the words of Kevin Hart, “Dude, why are you still [in the gym]? Forget the sun on his right shoulder and whatever he has on his left forearm and his chest.Miller has a tat on his right bicep of Scrappy-Doo. (Runner-up votes for De Shawn Stevenson, Birdman, and Tim Duncan.) * Joakim Noah’s jump shot — It’s always funny when Noah misses one of his broke-down J’s and the announcers are just silent for a few seconds. And Noah had the nerve to do the “You can’t see me” thing after hitting a jumper the other night? Smith’s swagger — I like the Nuggets, so I don’t mind it when J.

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