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As well as being a standalone piece of software, i Match is also available as a module as part of our i Manage GMS software.

By seamlessly integrating with i Manage, users can directly access data from their LLPG.

The log that is created will enable users to see the history of an address if needs be, as well as creating a full history and audit trail which can be searched.Find out more Symphony i Match allows for the creation of system cross referencing by tagging all address files with a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN).The UPRN has become the de facto address identifier across the UK, and by using this identifier, i Match can guarantee that your staff are all referencing the same properties, thereby reducing errors and offering a better service to your customers.We believe the matching process should be a simple one and we’ve designed the interface of i Match to reflect this.The i Match manager has clear, defined categories based on whichever process you want to execute.

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