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If you don’t already have a pet, you will after dating someone from here. Pete peeps love their animals and they take them everywhere with them so don’t be surprised if they bring Fido along on your date.Fortunately many restaurants in the Burg are also dog friendly.Saint Petersburg was founded in the early 18th century by Czar Peter the Great.

Pete pookie because you can sleep when you’re dead.Saint Petersburg has got a quite long list of attractions, so we are only going to point out the most important ones here. Petersburg, you can start visiting the Hermitage (copy and underline it), which is a gallery with more than 3 million -correct: three million- pieces to art.After that, you can continue with the Kazan, Saint Isaac and St.Apart from this, I think I need to point out that St Petersburg women like to take care of themselves without becoming superficial.I mean, you will seldom see a single Russian lady step out from her house in jeans and a t-shirt, even if she's just going to the store.

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