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Through this whole Jay/Conan mess, we noticed that there aren't any Jewish late night talk show hosts (other than the the delightful Jon Stewart, of course). Not the somewhat-recently-departed Tom Snyder or Craig Kilborn.

Not Craig Ferguson, or Jimmy Fallon, or Carson Daly.

She doesn’t waver or beg forgiveness for her remarks because she doesn’t have to.

Chelsea segues through comedic bits with the confidence of knowing who she really is, and therefore, not particularly caring if do. Network first got a glimpse of Chelsea Handler on E!

It seems Handler is making the most of her newfound freedom "[Chelsea's] single now, too, so it's like, you can't keep up! "That would totally be something I would do, is date a woman." Handler and Balazs broke up after a two-year bicoastal relationship.

And when you ask Chelsea Handler’s opinion, take a deep breathe, because nine times out of ten you’ll be knocked off balance. What do you think about motherhood from doing this show? Are you relieved that the writer’s strike is over? I know that you, just like I do, you always have to read the tabloids to see what’s going on for your show.

On the July 19, 2010 episode of her show, Handler confirmed she was dating animal trainer and television producer Dave Salmoni.

However, on September 2, 2010, when asked by guest Melanie Brown if she was single, Handler stated that she was.

I happened to come across it and I watched three episodes back to back. When it comes to talk shows like yours, or any late night talk show, why do writers play such an important part when there’s a comedian there? Is Chuy in on the joke that, that’s part of what makes it so funny that he’s your sidekick? If you walk down the supermarket isle there’s like fifteen magazines you could buy, and it’s gross. I think that’s what the biggest thing was when I started doing the show.

For instance with you, you’re a comedienne so if you’re used to doing your own material wouldn’t a talk show be the best place to write and perform your own material? They said, “We want a show that’s five nights a week. That’s a great take on it.” There’s so many shows you turn on and they are seriously reporting that Lindsay Lohan shaved her legs. There’s so much red tape and it goes on and on forever.

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This tape was a copy of Handler’s audition tape from the 1990’s.

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