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M., whether I'm trying DDAVP or Imipramine, or sitting on the toilet, like a big kid, before bedtime to squeeze out every last drop. Alarms got old really fast and never helped do much but give me a lousy night's sleep.

As a young teenager, my mother would come into my room to shut off the alarm and take me by the hand to the toilet.

With both of us half asleep, she'd stand there as I dropped my wet diaper to the floor (we put the alarm in the diaper so the sheets wouldn't get wet) and then I'd sit on the toilet.

In that ˜program, she was to wait until I started peeing before leaving me, so just like a child, my mom would hover over me waiting to cheer me on when I finally ˜tinkled in the toilet!

I am as diaper dependant at night as a human can be or as an infant is.I still have people asking me if I need a diaper change. While I enjoy lots of stories, there seemed to be a lack of reading for those of us who want to relate to older people with bedwetting problems.When it was time for bed she called me into her room and said your mother said that you used to wet the bed and you wet the bed last night. That night as I was sleeping I dreamed that everyone was watching me pee in a diaper and then get changed.I'm going to give you a choice, either you could wear a diaper or not. I woke up and Matt's mom was taking off the sleeper.

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